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Feeding anteaters to zebras

We feed every animal, A-Z, but we are also eager to help with your companion pet issues.


Our Products

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Pets, Livestock, and More

Bee keeping products
Livestock products
Poultry products
Urban pet products
Veterinary supplies

Have a special order? Please call (408) 287-9090

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Grain, Hay, and Zoological Feed

We carry a wide variety of feed.
Please contact us for questions and special orders.


Hay Rentals for Events

Give us a call, or stop by for questions regarding hay bale rentals for special events.


Store Hours

Look for the horse!

Mon. 9am-5pm
Tue:  9am-5pm
Wed: 9am-5pm
Thu:  9am-5pm
Fri:    9am-5pm
Sat:   9am-5pm
Sun: Closed


Visit Our Store

Should you be arriving by car, we have a parking lot with parking for our customers.